Myra Hoffman - Doula, Pediatric Chiropractor
Myra D Hoffman DC, FICPA, CD
512 346-5164
I saw Dr. Myra for my first appointment today at the recommendation of my midwife, and I am SO pleased I made the switch from my male chiropractor during this pregnancy. She has a very gentle approach, lots of knowledge about pregnancy and birth (she's also a doula!) and made sure I was very comfortable -- even down to Kleenex for my runny nose and adjusting the AC. I'm looking forward to making this a routine part of my prenatal care!
 - K. H.

I began seeing Myra over 3 years ago. At the time, I was pregnant with my daughter and she was highly recommended to me by my doula. She helped me immensely! I had a genuinely pain-free pregnancy as a direct result of her weekly adjustments. I even continued to sleep well during my third trimester because I wasn't uncomfortable like I had been with my first pregnancy.
After my little girl was born, I began taking my children in to see Dr. Myra, as well. My daughter especially loves her and both kids look forward to seeing her. We try to visit at least once each month for "maintenance," but have been known to come in for ear infection assistance, as well.
I wholeheartedly recommend Hoffman Family Wellness and have told all of my friends about her over the years. This is the place you are seeking. Look no further.
- H. W.

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