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Our Doctor
Myra D. Hoffman

A 1998 Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Myra started her journey with chiropractic when she was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 16.  A native a West Virginia and graduate of Marshall University, after being told she would soon need surgery for her condition and would most likely have pain for the rest of her life. Deciding to seek a different path, she moved to Iowa and begin her studies at Palmer.   and quickly found her passion in the field as well as a more natural treatment for her own scoliosis. 


Focusing her studies on pediatrics she began to understand the need and lack of understanding for the genre.  After graduation she moved to Austin and worked as an associate in several practices before realizing she needed to expand her education and went back to school to obtain her Fellowship in Pediatrics.  Her career took a major turn after having own her children.  Seeing a great need for better choices she then began to focus her work on woman and child.  Although she still has a family practice her love for the birth process and postpartum recovery has led her to become a doula and lactation consultant as well.

Dr. Myra also began to realize her love and passion for the birth process and the trauma associated with it.  She became a doula to help mothers navigate their way through birth.  She applies not only her doula skills but also her chiropractic understanding of the physical demands birth gives to both the mother and baby when providing care to her clients.  She also so a growing need for more lactation consultants which is why she went back to school to learn more about this path as well.

Today for all patients needing these services, Dr. Myra has shown to provide great results for Austin families.

She has been nominated Chiropractor of the Year for 5 years running for the Austin Birth Awards.

Chiropractic is more than simply a means of relieving pain, the goal of receiving an adjustment should be to restore the body to it's natural state of healing.
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